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Raisable and lowerable masts / lowerable lighting gantries

Beleuchtung für Gleisfelder

Solid panel masts, particularly high mast systems for airports, large-scale logistics areas or sports fields, are increasingly built as raisable and lowerable constructions. This means that the masts are fitted with a pivotal joint in the lower part and/or in the central part of the mast, which can be raised and lowered either hydraulically or mechanically. The masts are activated either through hydraulic cylinders and pump /control units or, in the case of smaller masts, by means of a manually operated steering rack.

Alternatively, we can provide lowerable lighting gantry systems which can be raised to the top of the mast with a cable winch or lowered for maintenance of the system or spotlights.

In this way, maintenance can be carried out easily, securely and more economically on the ground by just one person, instead of requiring two persons (safety rule) to climb the mast.
Furthermore, when lowered they blend seamlessly into the environment instead of reaching up into sky and disturbing the landscape with an industrial character.

Our product portfolio lists the following variations:

  • 180° raisable and lowerable masts (central pivot)

  • 90° raisable and lowerable masts (lower pivot)

  • 180° raisable and lowerable masts with draw well system (central pivot)

  • Telescopic masts (particularly for lower mast systems)

  • Raisable and lowerable lighting gantries

  • Special constructions tailored to customer wishes (e.g. masts with double pivots (central and lower) or backward tilting masts)