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Plane projectors & LED


These technologies beam light via precisely calculated mirror and lens optics into the desired symmetrical or asymmetrical paths onto the surface area (direct lighting).

As these plane projectors are constructed to beam light exclusively within a specific spectrum and looking up into the beam could dazzle the onlooker (e.g. when following the flight of a ball during a sports game), the masts are generally positioned higher than in mirror reflector systems.

The light sources in plane projector systems are the latest HCI/CRI or NAV lamps, featuring the most advanced, high performance LEDs. Both technologies achieve maximum light yield. Moreover, the ideal positioning of light sources to illuminate workplaces, logistics and sports areas reduces unwanted light immissions and the possibility of glare.

Direct beam floodlight systems make it possible to illuminate just one half of a sports field or reduce the strength of illumination. This can lead to considerable energy savings, for example when a football team only trains on one half of a pitch (using one goal instead of two) or when only part of a workspace is in use and therefore only requires partial illumination.

Energy costs tend to be higher with plane projectors than LED technology, but the investment costs are notably lower in comparison with LED and mirror reflector systems.