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Spiegelwerfersystem Altenkirchen
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Mirror reflectors

Kleines Spiegelwerfersystem

We recommend mirror reflector systems, i.e. indirect lighting, for large-scale surface lighting with special requirements in terms of the overall design,a high level of glare limitation and low light source points, with even distribution of light still essential.

Mirror reflector technology comprises a field of mirrors and spotlight beams. The spotlight beams are combined and diverted onto the mirror field via precisely calculated, high quality mirror facets, creating a particularly even and exact distribution of light onto the surface area.

Thanks to the diffraction of light and the specially formed mirrors, glare is reduced to a minimum, in contrast to direct beams.

Furthermore, the exact calibration of narrow beam spotlights with the mirror facet field minimizes unwanted light immissions, as light is distributed exactly onto the surfaces as calculated.

SSG mirror reflector systems guarantee an extremely even distribution of light onto the required areas, with broad radii of four to five times the height of the mast being reached.

Example: 14 m mast = light radius of approx. 60 m

This system's clear design allows it to blend perfectly into the overall architectural picture and is highly durable. Of course, we can develop mirror reflector systems to your individual wishes and requirements.