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Lighting systems


Our strengths lie in systems which are perfectly designed to meet your requirements, whether for workspaces, logistics areas or sports fields. We develop sophisticated, economically viable lighting concepts, based on meticulous calculations on lighting technology. High quality masts are combined with state-of-the-art light fittings, manufactured by trusted brands of excellence.

Our masts are equipped with the latest plane projectors for surface areas and high performance spotlights for use in stadia, for example; we also offer mirror reflector systems for large-scale logistics areas and LED technology for background lighting and illumination of traffic or transportation surfaces.

By establishing the ideal positions for each light source, light immissions and energy costs can be reduced, as well as enhancing the illuminated area in terms of safety, flexibility of usage and freedom of movement. This supports the fulfillment of work processes and increases productivity.

We constantly monitor new developments in lighting technology and evaluate these in cooperation with our clients to determine whether we deploy the newest products or tried and tested models with a view to keeping initial and subsequent costs to a minimum and establishing an efficient overall concept.