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Flutlicht für Stadien

Lighting for trade fairs and exhibition spaces

Flutlicht für Sportstätten

For trade fairs and exhibition spaces with high numbers of visitors, visual aspects are just as important as technical specifications and requirements. The overall impression should be attractive, homogenous and modern, appealing to visitors without being overbearing. It should serve to accentuate the changing nature of trade fair and exhibition content.

At the same time, usage and safety requirements must be fulfilled and parking and logistics areas (for loading and unloading / arrival and departure) must be evenly lit to enable the swift and smooth running of operations.

SSG outdoor lighting concepts take into account all conditions specific to trade fairs.

We develop the architectural plans in collaboration with the client to determine the form, colour and type of system which is ideally suited to the location and function in question.

For the logistics and parking areas in particular, we recommend (high) mast systems with plane projectors (direct beams), with broad expanses illuminated through a minimum of mast locations, hence allowing freedom of movement.

Masts which can be raised or lowered (tilting masts), or lowerable floodlight platform systems may be taken into consideration.

To illuminate pathways or walkways, we recommend mast systems with beam spot reflectors (indirect lighting) or LED technology (energy-saving). Lighting systems which can be wall-mounted or affixed to tubular bridges or constructions can often be used as economical alternatives to mast positions, thereby avoiding the reduction of storage or manoeuvring space and facilitating flexible use of the facility.