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Beleuchtung für Industrieanlagen

Lighting for the workplace, freight stations, industrial and distribution centres

Beleuchtung für Verteilzentren

Industrial sites, workplaces, distribution centres and freight stations require outdoor lighting systems which guarantee the highest levels of safety and security for working procedures on account of their intensive use.

With this in mind, SSG floodlight systems are first and foremost designed for the lighting conditions of the relevant logistics areas, i.e. loading and unloading bays, storage and filling sites. Safety requirements and considerations of usage are also primary concerns.

We examine the specific conditions of each site in order to select the most suitable mast and lighting system, ensuring even, glare-free illumination. As well as being functional, it should be integrated into the design of the overall concept, taking into account variations in use and short amortization cycles, thus ensuring smooth and secure transportation, logistics and work processes.

In these cases, we recommend high mast systems with asymmetric plane projectors to illuminate broad areas, using as few mast positions as possible, thereby allowing greatest freedom of movement.

Mast systems with mirror reflectors or LED technology (optimized light sources) are well suited to installation in access paths or roads..

High mast systems can also be fitted with hydraulics to enable them to be raised or lowered (tilting masts). This simplifies and accelerates subsequent maintenance work, as well as reducing costs.

Light fittings can also be mounted on walls, tubular bridges or other constructions; this is particularly practical when space is limited.