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Beleuchtung für Autohäuser

Lighting for car dealerships and car parks

Beleuchtung für Parkplätze

For car dealerships we have constructed advanced, high quality outdoor lighting systems with direct and indirect light sources.

Drawing on our many years of experience in supplying car dealerships, we develop a tailor-made lighting solution ideally suited to your needs. We look not only at the functional aspects of an optimal lighting solution but also take into account the economic factors, seeking to minimize maintenance costs, unnecesary light immissions and energy consumption.
Furthermore, we focus on your corporate design and overall presentation to maximize impact and signal effect.

Mirror reflector systems provide an especially attractive lighting solution, both in a visual sense and in terms of catching attention. The car dealership can be clearly seen from afar and car parks are evenly, securely lit.

Additionally, plane projectors can provide direct lighting at specific points to illuminate individual objects (new vehicle models or special offers), thus stimulating trade.
A growing number of energy-saving LED systems are being implemented to reduce long-term energy consumption and costs even further.

Talk to us about your ideas and requirements and we will create a tailor-made lighting concept perfectly suited to your own dealership or car park.