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Beleuchtung Hafen Bremerhaven

Illumination for ports and mining plants

Beleuchtung für Bergwerke

Naturally, we can also provide lighting for seaports and inland ports as well as mining plants. For such intensively used workplaces and logistics areas, we develop individually tailored outdoor lighting concepts, taking into account all safety and usage considerations and designed for all loading and unloading facilities, entry and exit platforms, storage and filling sites.

Mast and lighting systems are selected according to your own specific criteria to ensure even illumination with glare reduced to a minimum.

Our focus in ports and mining plants lies in
durable functionality, guaranteeing a smooth flow of transport, logistics and working procedures. Hence SSG steel masts are hot-tip galvanized as protection against corrosion through extreme weather conditions such as salty sea air (additional coating with Duplex protection, for example, available on request).

Our tried and tested strategy is to deploy as high and narrow masts as possible in a minimum of carefully chosen locations in accordance with calculations for excellent illumination. This allows maximum freedom of movement for harbour and mining workforces as well as for cranes, vehicles and loading apparatus.

Of course, we also take care to integrate the system into the overall design of the port or mining facility.

For the illumination of ports and mining plants, we recommend high mast systems with asymmetric plane projectors and mast systems with mirror reflectors or LED technology (light source optimized) to illuminate access path and roadways.

Masts which can be raised or lowered (tilting masts) with hydraulic elements provide a sensible alternative to conventional masts as maintainence is both quicker and easier, thereby reducing costs.
Complementary lighting can be mounted on walls, tubular bridges or other structures, particularly where space is at a premium.