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Spiegelwerfer Flutlicht

Illumination of large surface areas

SSG combines technically advanced masts with brand-name, high quality, state-of-the-art lighting products to create a technically sophisticated and economical illumination concept. Our strength lies in systems which are perfectly attuned to your requirements and reduce unwanted light immission and energy costs to a minimum. Light technology calculations are evaluated and assimilated with input from the relevant, qualified lighting manufacturers to determine the ideal positioning and height of masts, taking into account both logistical and lighting technology aspects. The masts are equipped with the latest plane projectors for the surface area and high-performance spotlights e.g. for stadium use; for logistical surface areas they are fitted with mirror reflector systems and LED technology for background lighting and transportation or traffic areas.

Flughafen Köln-Bonn Beleuchtung


SSG concentrates on extremely even distribution of light onto the work or traffic surface, with a minimum of glare and reflectance. This is achieved with the most advanced lighting technology and just a few mast locations, usually at the periphery of the busier areas. Positioning the masts as high as possible, with as few mast positions as possible has the following advantages:
  • The required number per area is reduced

  • The element of danger through impact is reduced (e.g. roundabouts, crash barriers)

  • A more even quality of light, with reduced glare and reflectance

  • Improved visual conditions in terms of recognizing and avoiding dangers

  • More economical use of the surface area (greater room for manoeuvre)