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Beleuchtung für Flughäfen

Illumination of airports and airport aprons

Beleuchtung von Flughafenvorfeld

Security is paramount at every airport.
This covers passenger and employee safety, air traffic security and the safeguarding of freight.

Our contribution to this issue is to provide perfect lighting and visual conditions for national and international airports, aprons and military airfields.
We attach special importance to modern, integrated floodlight mast design, ideally suited to the surroundings, thereby supporting the impressive exterior presentation.

The planning of individual mast and lighting systems takes into consideration all aspects which are relevant to airports. The number of mast postions, usually at the edges of heavily frequented spaces, should be kept to a minimum, whilst still providing optimal illumination for large stretches (up to 250 m deep). With regard to lighting technology, systems with high vertical illumination performance should be used, ideally with flat, glare-free single beam angles, i.e. low light source points, meeting all ICAO stipulations concerning structural height, illumination and glare limitation.

Illuminating large surface areas can be done with (tall mast) floodlight systems equipped with plane projectors. For airport aprons, however, floodlight systems with light source optimized mirror reflector technology may be used. For outdoor lighting, e.g. access paths and roads, energy-saving LED systems may be implemented.

For airport aprons, masts which can be raised or lowered (tilting masts) may be deployed. Floodlight platforms which can be lowered are also suitable. Service and maintenance work can be simply and quickly integrated into the flight schedule, thus saving time and expense..

Work on the floodlight systems can be easily carried out with lifting mechanisms and coordinated exactly with take-offs and landings to avoid any interruptions to the flight plan.