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Beleuchtung Hafen Bremerhaven

Illumination for railway stations, track fields and road surfaces

Beleuchtung für Gleisfelder

For railway stations, track fields and road surfaces, including roundabouts, we design and produce durable, architecturally compatible lighting systems.

These are devised in accordance with all relevant usage and safety considerations, and the lighting concept is designed to meet the needs of transfer and logistics areas, including loading and unloading bays, storage, filling and shunting areas.


In selecting the mast and lighting systems we take into account the individual requirements to ensure evenly distributed illumination with a minimum of glare. It should be functional and compatible with the overall design concept, taking into account variation in usage and short amortization cycles, ensuring smooth and secure transport, logistics and working procedures.

We recommend high mast systems with asymmetric plane projectors or cable supported light fittings to illuminate broad expanses with a minimum of intrusive mast positions, along with mirror reflector or LED technology (light source optimized) to illuminate wide areas and roads. In some cases, mast systems with long cantilever arms can be deployed.

High mast systems can also be fitted with hydraulics to enable them to be raised or lowered (tilting masts). This simplifies and speeds up subsequent maintenance, reducing costs in the process.
Additionally, or alternatively, lighting can also be mounted on walls, tubular bridges or other structures, as well as on neighbouring buildings.