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We want you to feel well taken care of throughout the entire process, expertly advised from one and the same source, rather than having to deal with any third party companies. This helps you to remain fully informed about all services and the budget. We provide the full service, accompanying each and every step of the project, from planning and construction to assembly and maintenance.

Flutlicht für Sportstätten
  • Site inspection, including site planning and analysis of angles

  • Lighting technology calculations for a wide range of lighting systems, relating to the project in hand

  • Calculation of mast height and number of masts, based on logistical and visual criteria

  • Design, construction in 2D and 3D and structural analysis

  • Final consultation on construction with the client

  • Obtaining geological survey documentation and consultation on type of foundation

  • Preparation and assistance with regard to planning application

  • Manufacture of lighting system in our certified steel workshops

  • Preparation of the ground (flat foundations or bench foundations, driven casing foundations / pile foundations, tieback / grouted anchor etc.)

  • Delivery and assembly by our expert team

  • Regular maintenance with SSG maintenance contract