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Beleuchtung Hafen Bremerhaven

Masts / General information

Beleuchtung für Gleisfelder

Our company is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and in possession of the manufacturer's certificate DIN 18800-7, class E. We specialize in the sector of steel masts and further steel structures.
Our chief focus is on high quality workmanship, ensuring long-term durability and functionality. We also pay attention to creating an individual, modern design, compatible with the client's CI.

All of our lighting masts conform to DIN EN 40-4-4 and CE requirements, of course.
Our masts are calculated and constructed to cope with high dynamic and mechanical demands, more than a match for extreme wind and weather conditions.
Hot-dip galvanization and/or colour coating (in a range of RAL tones) protect the masts from corrosion and enable them to be integrated into the colour scheme of the project as a whole.

Wir unterscheiden zwischen Vollwandmasten, Gittertragwerken und heb- und senkbaren Masten. Dabei können unterschiedliche Materialien, z.B. Stahl, Edelstahl, Aluminium, sowie unterschiedliche Farben kombiniert werden.

Lighting technology calculations are carried out by us or qualified lighting manufacturers to determine the ideal position and number of masts, as well as the appropriate height, taking into account the logistical parameters as well as lighting aspects.

The individual systems are developed and manufactured in our own steel construction plant in Hennef near Cologne, in conjunction with architects, light designers or planners and manufacturers. Our team assembles and installs the systems on site and takes care of subsequent maintenance work.