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Flutlicht für Stadien

Floodlighting for stadia and sports arenas

To illuminate large-scale arenas and stadia, we recommend high masts constructed from steel with direct illumination through plane projectors.

Our focus, like yours, is on achieving ideal lighting conditions for players, spectators and cameras to ensure that sporting events can be staged safely and professionally, spectators can fully enjoy the experience and television broadcasters can transmit perfect, high-definition action. It is also a key element of our philosophy to come up with a modern, stylish design for each floodlight system, suited to the environment in which it is erected.

Flutlicht für Sportstätten

The high masts are generally fitted with axially symmetrical spotlights and / or asymmetric spotlights which provide evenly distributed lighting across the playing area and, as required, peripheral areas or grandstands (spectator areas) through a minimum number of floodlight masts. The correct choice of lighting and a highly elevated light source will reduce both glare and shadow.

The height of the masts is determined by the area to be illuminated and glare limitation, whilst the masts can be constructed either vertically or at an angle, positioned as per the client's wishes and lighting requirements.

Lighting technology calculations ensure that unwanted light immission and unnecessary energy consumption can be avoided, thus reducing costs.
Naturally, our lighting systems are designed to conform to all safety and usage requirements.

For the illumination of sporting venues, we recommend floodlight masts which can be raised or lowered (tilting masts) or tilting floodlight platforms, i.e. lighting systems which feature spotlights which can be tilted.